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About Us

The owner and hands-on pet stylist at Royal Paws Dog Grooming, LLC is Tina. She attended the state certified Rio Gran Dog Grooming School located in Hastings, MN. Upon completion of her professional training under Jennifer Anderson, former grooming teacher at the renown Paragon school in Michigan, Tina chose to start her dog grooming career in Bloomington, MN.

One of the most important elements in determining the quality of pet grooming is the training and artistry of the groomer. Tina will cheerfully and patiently groom any dog, providing a keen eye towards creativity and precision. Equally comfortable with large or small dogs, long hair or short, her expertise is skillfully demonstrated across a wide range of dogs, from Golden Retrievers to Malamutes, from Chihuahuas to St. Bernards. Tina's proficiency at scissoring and shaping makes her perfect for breeds where extra care is appreciated. She is highly gentle and affectionate; therefore, older and special needs dogs do particularly well in her care.

Grooming at Royal Paws Dog Grooming, LLC is by appointment only. Pets are dropped off at their appointment time and picked up upon completion. We estimate your pick-up time when you drop off and do our best to accommodate your schedule.  We are available Monday-Saturday, including evenings.

You have the option of letting your pet play with other pets before the groom or settle into a kennel. All pets are unique and their special needs are always taken into consideration. Please voice your preference at drop off. 


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